– The City Council of Rialp is very happy and proud to host this great Agility event in their village putting the football field at our disposal. Therefore it’s very important to leave the football field and surroundings as we find it when we arrive. When in town please respect the regulations, to all the inhabitants, COLLECT OUR DOG POOPS and at night respect the rest of neighbours.

– There will be recycling bins throughout the football field to separate the waste. Please throw away each waste in the corresponding bin (plastic, glass, paper, etc). Taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Ecology is a thing of everyone!

– On Tuesday, July 30 at 6pm, the Organization tent will be open for the registration, licenses and documentation, welcome pack.

– We will put on a training zone outside the competition zone. This training area has to be treated as such, a training area for the dogs that are going to enter to the competition, you can NOT put sequences of the competition course. If the organization or the judge sees that a sequence of the course is being trained, the competitor may be expelled.

– Any lack of respect for judges, organization, other competitors or facilities (including not picking up the poop) will be grounds for expulsion from the venue and therefore from the competition.

– Outside of the course walking time it is strictly forbidden to access the ring. No recognitions out of schedule program time or individuals will be allowed.

– Please be aware of the order of competition so we don’t waste any time.
– In the event that a handler has more than one dog in the same category and grade we will try to accommodate the order with the participant.
– All participating dogs will have to be vaccinated for Rabie and Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Lepto and Parainfluenza, and also it’s obligatory identification system (microchip). Random veterinary controls may be passed.
– All participants will be responsible for having their dog under control at all times, being responsible for any damage that may cause to other dogs (participants or not), people, plants or furniture, declining any responsibility for the organization of the competition .

– There will be a delimited area to put up tents to create shade for the dogs. NO tents can be put up on the soccer field, except those of the organization and shopping tents.

– The registration’s money will not be refunded once the deadline is closed.