Judges 2024


Hi I’m Sari Mikkilä from Finland

My agility journey started 1993 with my shelties and I have competed actively with my own dogs since then. Now I have one sheltie and two border collies at home.

When planning courses, I aim for speedy and flowing profile, incorporated with versatile choices and possibilities for handling – courses that also require technical skills and the ability to “read” the course-plan. Good lines for the dog and smooth to run.

I have been FCI qualified agility-judge since 2008. Although I have judged a lot since then, at least in 28 countries, every competition and run are always a pleasure and privilege to watch. I wish to the participants the best of luck and I hope you will enjoy the courses. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. Have fun with your dogs.

See you in RIALP!!



Mi nombre es Lorenzo Buzon soy de Sevilla del sur de España y empezé a hacer agility en el 2010 con mi primer border collie Luna llevamos 14 años haciendo agility, actualmente compito con Burundanga y Olegario una border collie y un working cocker, hace 5 año decidí ver el agility desde otro punto de vista, actualmente soy juez internacional y espero que disfruten de mis diseños de pista los cuales son rápidos y fluidos y a la vez con tecnica, nos vemos este verano en el RIALP.


I started agility in 2004 with my first dog Chen, a tervuren shepherd. I started my judge education after a knee fracture caused by my crazy tervuren who took the fun part of agility a little bit to literally. After my crazy Belgians I ran a miniature pinsher and now also the sheltie and border collies took already big place in our hearts. In 2015 i became FCI judge. During those years I got the opportunity to judge at amazing places. The atmosphere of big agility events is indescribable and gives me goose bumbs! When designing a course I try to create fluent and fair lines for the dogs and some technical points to let the handlers think about the best lines and challenge them to combine speed and timing . I love watching teams attacking the course and enjoying every second of their run. Looking forward to see all those happy, enthousiastic faces and wagging tails. “Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” ― Randy Pausch