Competition 2022



The Rialp Summer Agility Competition will have an official RSCE / FCI part and an Open part


The competition will start on August 3rd and finish on August 7th. It will take place during the mornings in 3 rings at the same time: RING 1 with contact zones (Agility Grade 2 & Grade 3), RING 2 without contact zones (jumping Grade 2 & Grade 3) and RING 3 Grade 1 and Pre-Agility.

It will be for grades:
A1 Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 2xAgility /  Thursday and Saturday 1x Aglity / 1x Jumping

A2 & A3: 1x Aglity / 1x Jumping
Minimum age: 18 months


If  XS and L category is not recognized in your country and you want the results to be approved for your Kennel Club Country, your dogs will compete in S and XL.

Toy (XS) below 28 cm. Jump height from 15 to 20 cm.

Small (S) from 28 cm to 34,99 cm. Jump height from 25 to 30 cm.  FCI CATEGORY

Medium (M) from 35 cm to 42,99 cm. Jump height from 35 to 40 cm. FCI CATEGORY

Large (L) from 43 cm to 49,99 cm. Jump height from 45 to 50 cm.

Extra Large (XL) from 50 cm. Jump height from 55 to 60 cm. FCI CATEGORY


Entries will open in March 15th and will close July 1st. more info will follow.

The entry fee is 15€ per day for the 1st dog, 9€ for any next dog with the same handler.

GRAND FINALS  Saturday evening.

On Saturday evening the finals to know the best dogs of each category will take place.

Large (XL+L) category FINAL Jump height 60cm.

Large (L) category FINAL Jump height 50cm.

Medium (M) category FINAL Jump height 40 cm.

Small (S) category FINAL Jump height 30cm.

Small (XS) category FINAL Jump height 20cm.


BEST OF THE BEST FINAL will be judged by…..

Winner of Best of the Best will be classified for the Grand Final 2023 direcly and all competitions will be payed.

More info how to qualify for the finals will follow.

(Participation in the Grand Final will be free for the classifieds).

Sunday morning there will be a only a regular RSCE/FCI competition so you can start your return journey in the afternoon already.


The Open competitions will take place in the evenings (18:00) Wednesday 4th (Individual) and Friday 6th  August (Teams).

Minimum age of the dog to compete: 15 months.

All dogs will participate in a same competition level and podium will reward the 3 best dogs.

Wednesday 5th will be INDIVIDUAL OPEN. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th large dogs (XL-L), 1st, 2nd and 3rd Medium (M) and Small and Toy dogs (XS-S) classified will be classified direcly for the GRAND FINAL (saturday).  ARTESANIA EL NOGUERAL will be our main sponsor.

Friday 9th  will be OPEN TEAMS, Large (L -XL)  and Toy-Small-Medium (XS-S-M). AIGUADICCIO RAFTING & ARTESANIA EL NOGUERAL will be our sponsors.

Registration price per day and dog 6€. After closing registration or on place 8€.

Entries will open in April 1st 2021, more info will follow.

PRE-AGILITY. For young dogs (minimum 10 months)

Entries will open March 15th and will close July 1st. more info will follow.